Our Bespoke Workshop Service

We LOVE workshops and our clients love them even more! Perfect for an away day and on-site team bonding session, we can even host them in our shop or Poplar studio.

We also offer all of our workshops as virtual experiences for you and your team so you can enjoy a bit of socially distanced team bonding from the comfort of your own homes.

One of our experienced Events florists will work with you to create a bespoke workshop for your event, whether it be flower arranging, making terrariums, window box planting or a lesson in 'How Not to Kill Your Plants '. 

 If you have any ideas you would like then please feel free to ask!

Workshops Include:

Wreaths / Flower Crowns / Vase Arranging / Terrariums / Bouquets / Planting / Wreaths and many more!


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